P2P Video Streaming

Cristóbal Medina López
Juan Pablo García Ortiz
Juan Alvaro Muñoz Naranjo
José Juan Sánchez Hernández
Leocadio González Casado
Vicente González Ruiz
Max Mertens
Ilshat Shakirov
Prince Kumar
Antonio Vicente Martín
Jorge García Hinestrosa
Mahmut Cavdar

Jan 12, 2015

1 Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast and Anycast
2 Some streaming models
3 Icecast
4 Lab 1: Simple streaming with Icecast
 Using the webcam as source
 Using a file as a source
5 Lab 2: Relaying
 Configuring a relay server
6 Peer-to-Peer Straightforward Protocol (P2PSP)
 6.1 IMS: IP Multicast Set of rules
 6.2 DBS: Data Broadcasting Set of rules
 6.3 ACS: Adaptive Chunk-rate Set of rules
 6.4 LRS: Lost chunks Recovery Set of rules
 6.5 NTS: Nat Traversal Set of rules
 6.6 EMS: End-point Masquerading Set of rules
 6.7 CIS: Content Integrity Set of rules
 6.8 DPS: Data Privacy Set of rules
 6.9 MCS: Multi-Channel Set of rules
 6.10 RMS: Reliable Mode Set of rules
7 Lab 3: Scaling with P2PSP
 Getting P2PSP
 Running a splitter
 Running a peer
Lab 4: (Optional) Clean up